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Wellness Coaching

With wellness coaching, clients receive tools and are able to find the motivation to reach physical and emotional health goals.  If you feel that your work-life balance is out of wack, you carry a lot of stress (whether yours or other peoples), or you aren't as healthy as you'd like to be, set up a consult and discuss options that will best fit your lifestyle and allow you to take advantage of your own unique strengths and talents.

Physical Movement Coaching

The benefits of physical movement can prove to be limitless! Lack of physical movement can make us feel like we are "stuck"— both physically and emotionally. Feeling immobile or stuck where we are, leads to a downward slope of declining physical health and mental well being. Mobility, strength, balance, and ease of motion are all things that we need to use in order to retain them. 

Set up a consult to get back on your feet and discover what "moves" you!

Nutritional Counseling

Assess your dietary habits, identify changes that are needed, discover tools for how to deal with the barriers in your life that prevent healthy change, and best of all feel supported as you work towards and maintain these positive changes!

Let's touch on the common topic of healthy eating. There are two schools of thought here. We can look at both. The first is WHAT you are eating. This includes all of the traditional things that you associate with working with a nutrition professional. Perhaps you want to manage a health condition such as prediabetes/diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism/Hashimotos Thyroiditis, etc. Maybe you have a lot of weight to lose, or just want to fit back into your clothes and feel comfortable in your body again. Maybe you just want to learn about healthy eating and begin to live a healthy lifestyle.

For many people it can be helpful to also look at the second school of thought, HOW you are eating. Mindful Eating (also referred to as Conscious Eating or Intuitive Eating) can be a powerful tool to help transform your relationship with food. It will enable you to get out of autopilot (eating in the car, on the go, standing up, at your desk multi-tasking) and begin to carve out time to engage all of your senses. It will assist you in getting in touch with your true hunger and satiety signals, eating when you are hungry, not eating when you are not hungry.


Studies show us that not only does mindful eating help us to enjoy our food more deeply, but people begin to lose weight and have improved digestion. Perhaps you grew up a member of the "Clean Plate Club", or have begun to realize that you go to food as a reward at the end of a long day, or to deal with feelings of boredom or loneliness. Maybe you are unaware of what your triggers are, but have a desire to understand yourself more deeply and want to explore the triggers that lead you to the same comfort foods over and over again.

Whether your goals are to find more energy and be more active, unlearn unhealthy eating habits, or to alleviate current symptoms,  Keystone Wellness can help you formulate a plan of nutritional guidance that is specialized to you and your lifestyle. 


If you are interested in becoming a new client of Keystone Wellness, please take a moment to download and print the following new client forms prior to our initial consultation:
If applicable please review and fillout these forms as well:
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